The Swiss International Prostate Center is introducing two cutting-edge tests for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The first one, Stockholm3, is a blood test used to detect – or to rule out – early stage prostate cancer. It is of particular relevance for men with elevated PSA levels or abnormal MRI findings in whom a prostate tumor is suspected.

It relies on a highly innovative technology, combining the analysis of five proteins, over 100 genetics markers called single nucleotide polymorphisms as well as clinical parameters (age, presence of prostate cancer in the family etc). The data is fed into a sophisticated statistical model, which leads to an individual risk assessment.

We provide our patients with the Stockholm3 test in our practice. The costs of the test (approx. CHF500) are reimbursed by some heath insurances.

Test Stockholm3 au Centre d’Urologie Générale-Beaulieu

More information of the test can be found here (also in: french, german, italian)

The second test, Prolaris, is of interest for men that have been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer on prostate biopsies and have not been treated.
The optimal choice of treatment (e.g. surgery, focal therapy, surveillance) heavily relies on the correct interpretation of the biopsies. These are not merely “positive” or “negative” but give nuanced information on the aggressiveness of the tumor. Therefore, the analysis of prostate biopsies by the pathologist is of critical importance.

At SIPC, pathologists provide expert reading of tissue samples. When meaningful, we propose an additional molecular analysis of the existing samples, the Prolaris test. It relies on the measurement of 31 cell-cycle related genes expressed by the cancer cells (RNA). This additional molecular information provides our patients and us with relevant data to properly choose an optimal, tailor-made therapeutic strategy.

It is important to note that under most circumstances, existing biopsy samples can be used. New biopsies are not necessary to perform the test. Costs are readily covered by heath insurances if the test is clinically meaningful.

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SIPC is happy to announce the availability of two new, cutting edge diagnostic tests for the correct management of prostate cancer. They strengthen disease management from an early diagnosis all the way to optimal, highly specialized treatment such as robot-assisted da Vinci prostate surgery, focal therapy and more.