Diagnosis / Multidisciplinary seminars

Multidisciplinary seminars

In collaboration since 3 years with the specialised radiology institute ImageRive and Dr Martins-Favre (Head Radiologist of the SIPC), we lead a weekly radio-histological symposium. Within this event, we analyse and discuss each suspicious MRI potentially bearing a prostatic tumour, prior and after the biopsy examination.

We can, through this fruitful collaboration, increase the quality of the MRI interpretation along with the quality of the biopsy technique. These feedbacks between urologists and radiologists allows us to

increase the detection rates of prostatic tumours, both in terms of radiology and biopsy. It also allows us to establish lines of conduct on the type of biopsies to perform based on the suspected lesions of each IRM. The results of these discussions and proposals are carefully summarised and sent to the responsible urologist or attending physician along with minutes from each session.

Similarly and on a monthly basis, cases which have been submitted to a genetic analysis are discussed along with interesting correlations found between radiological exams, biopsies and the genetic tests. This multidisciplinary approach leads us to an excellent quality in the patient car, the detection and diagnosis of prostatic tumours.

Finally, we have a collection of more than 400 cases of biopsies, all inventoried within a database, which allow us to monitor our statistics, to offer the patient an evaluation of our performances and to establish publications.